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Our Mission Statement is to promote the only economic "bail out" that works -- The people of America helping the people of America.  Our goal is to ensure that the small business owners of America are able to retain their businesses in these trying economic times and simultaneously create a medium for those who want to invest in the real estate arena to make a profit.  Thus creating the perfect Synergy!


How does this process work?  When banks or the FDIC put the commercial/residential bank notes up for sale, we evaluate them and recommend which notes to purchase.  We will then purchase the note and offer it back to the original borrower (business owner) at a discounted price. The discount allows the business owner to demonstrate that their business is profitable and gives them the ability to secure a new loan.  In this way, synergy is created . . . the real estate investor who purchases the note yields a profit, and the business owner who receives a discount is able to keep their business and be profitable.  Americans helping Americans.




In 2009 140 banks were taken over by the FDIC.  In 2010, 157 banks failed.  It is estimated that those numbers will increase in 2011.  Many times, when a bank is taken over by the FDIC another bank will acquire it.  If an acquiring institution is not located,  the FDIC fulfills its obligation to insured depositors by mailing checks for their insured amounts.  The FDIC insured amount is typically $250,000.   Contact your bank to determine that your saving and checking accounts are fully insured.  The assets or loans made by the failed bank are often sold in a bidding process by the FDIC to companies like Strategy Zone, Inc. 

Banks fail because too many of the loans made are in default.  Why are the loans in default?  Owners of businesses could no longer afford to pay for the monthly payments on their property because their net operating income (NOI) was insufficient.  Lease rates have decreased since the economy headed south in 2007 and property values have plummeted in both the commercial and residential arenas making it difficult for a commercial property owner to meet the debt service coverage ratio (DSC) or the loan to value ratio (LTV) requirements.

There are many banks "in trouble" out there.  Banks have ratios they have to meet just like the small business owner.  Many of these banks have to sell distressed notes to "get them off their books" in order to stay solvent.  That is where we come in.

The goal here at Strategy Zone, Inc. is to purchase these properties at a price that will allow the borrower to retain their business, meet the DSC and LTV requirements for a new loan and make real estate investors money in the process.



What we do . . . .  We evaluate FDIC and other bank notes on commercial and residential properties.  Appraisal reports, rent rolls, operating income statements and other loan documentation provided are thoroughly analyzed.   We then calculate the net operating income (NOI), debt service coverage ratio (DSC) for new refinance, loan to value ratio (LTV) on new refinance and Return on Investment (ROI) for three or four different workout options and determine the appropriate bid amount for the potential  real estate investor.   We place the bid and complete the workout when a bid is won.

Our preferred workout is to offer a discount to the borrower/business owner to create perfect synergy -- Americans helping Americans.   Both the borrower/business owner and the real estate investor benefit.